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 Interview - Lisa Nation


It might be hard to recall a one-time photo shoot from 20 years ago, but Lisa Nation did just that! We enjoyed traveling back in time with Lisa as she told us the story of her involvement with WildStorm and bringing the character of Caitlin Fairchild to life!

By World Of Wildstorm Staff

Before working on this project with WildStorm, what type of modeling were you doing?


I believe at the time I was with San Diego Model Management. It’s been over 20 years so I can’t really remember what I was working on at the time, but it was mostly local fashion shows and print work in San Diego.


How did the opportunity to model as Caitlin Fairchild come about? Were you familiar with the character at all?


My agent sent me to the casting, I believe in La Jolla. I was not familiar with Caitlin or the comic at the time.


Was the costume something that was provided for the shoot?


The costume was made for the shoot. I do remember it was not the most comfortable suit to put on.

Were parts of the costume, like the purple trim, done digitally?


I will say Photoshop was used. I’ve got some pretty amazing muscle happening there! My hair was blonde for the shoot and red in the comic. My hips are a bit shapelier in the photo as well. I do not have hips at all. I'm straight up and down!

Lisa featured as Caitlin Fairchild on the Chase Card from the Conflict! Expansion Set.

Were there multiple photo sessions? How long did the shoot take?


No, it was a one-time deal. I don’t think the shoot lasted more than a few hours.


Were you given a card after it was completed?


I saw it after it was completed. They sent me cards and the comic. I think maybe there was a poster?


Are there any fun or interesting stories you have about your experience?


Ha, I sure do! The most vivid memory I have of that day was making my boobs how they look in the picture. They used a panty hose and filled each side with rice. It was heavy and tight around my neck.


What was it like to be featured as a fan-favorite character at that time?


I was so young, maybe 17. I wasn’t involved in the comic world. But I have had more fun with the comic in later years. Our office was next to a comic distributor and I brought my comic to him one day. He said he totally remembered the comic and kept it at his office to show people for a while. Now my kids have read the comic and think it’s pretty cool.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing those memories with us!

From left to right: (Top) Steve Westwood as Burnout, Lisa Nation as Fairchild, Amanda Meinke as Rainmaker. (Bottom) Sofia Dominguez as Freefall, and Vincent Geluso as Grunge. Lisa, Amanda, and Sofia were featured in the WSCCG Conflict! Expansion Set.

Lisa featured on a variant cover to Gen 13 #1.

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