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Interview - Deborah Abbott


We're honored to feature this interview with Deborah Abbott, the character model for Angela! Deborah worked directly with Todd McFarlane Productions in the mid-90s, appearing at conventions dressed as the heavenly heroine. She took the time to share her experience as the character!

By World Of Wildstorm Staff

Where did you first discover the character Angela?


A fellow I was working with at the time and had just started dating, Manny, was reading Spawn.  I became interested in Angela who was a character in the Spawn comics and later had her own mini series and stand alone comics.

Was there anything special about that character that you were drawn to?


I am drawn to strong women warrior type of characters like Red Sonja and The Sword Woman, so it was obvious that I would be drawn to Angela.  I loved the way she was drawn and her outfit was unique.

Was your initial work with the character a personal hobby? Were there other costumes you did at that time?

At this time, no, I didn’t even know there were comic conventions. I was thinking of making a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.

The costume we see on the card, was that created by you?


Nope, it was owned by Todd McFarlane and was a studio made costume. I'll never forget the day that it arrived at my animation job.  It was a big heavy crate, each piece surrounded by bubble wrap.  I was to keep it as I went to conventions dressed as Angela.

Deborah featured as Angela on the Chase Card from

the Conflict! Expansion Set.

The costume looks really detailed despite the print quality of the card. Do you still have any photos featuring you as Angela that you'd care to share?

I do.  I appeared at a few cons dressed as Angela with Al Simmons as Spawn and Todd as himself. 

Outside of the WildStorms CCG card, were you featured in any other media as that character?


Nope, I don’t recall being in any other media or comics but that would have been nice.

How did the opportunity to be featured on a card happen? Were you approached through WildStorm or Todd McFarlane Productions?


My boyfriend invited me to my first comic book convention in Dallas.  The year was 1995 I think.  Mark Schultz, Sergio and other big comic book artist names were there. I met Al Simmons at the convention at his table.  Al was Todd McFarlane’s roommate in college and he's the man Spawn is named after.  He also dressed in costume as Spawn at the conventions. It was Al Simmons, who when met me, told me he wanted me to dress in the Angela costume, and mailed out the costume. Soon after it arrived, I was invited to be on the WildStorms CCG card. Al Simmons was also the one who contacted me and asked for photos to use on the card.

How long or how many shots did it take to get the photo we see on the card?

My boyfriend took several pictures. His name is on the card.  We sent them off and they picked the one they liked.  I still have the picture the card was made from. 

When did you see or were you given a card upon completion? Did you ever play the game?


I was given one card, the card I was on, but never played the game, nor do I know how. I still have the card as well as other merchandise of Angela, such as the 12” doll and comics that I collected.

Do you have any other interesting stories about that experience that you'd like to share?  

The convention that I remember being dressed as Angela was in Arizona I think.  The Spawn car and Todd were there there as well as Al dressed as Spawn.

I did draw Angela for fun, I love the character.

Thank you, Deb! We loved hearing your story!

Angela illustrated by Deborah Abbott.

Deborah Abbott (right) as Angela with Al Simmons (left) as Spawn and Todd McFarlane (center) at a comic convention in AZ.

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